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Pam, Jerry and Flora Brabant

Pam and Jerry Brabant have been visiting Florida for over fifteen years and five years ago, they purchased their home in the Bayou section of Bay Isles. Using Pam’s ideas and Jerry’s contracting and architectural skills, they completed a total renovation of their circa 1990 home. With high ceilings and open spaces,

business of the month

Christine Desiree Furniture and Interior Design

Mar 2019 LBK Isles Life (2) 116

Local Talent with Global Reach Bay Isles resident Christine Desiree lives a life fueled by her tremendous creativity. As President and Principal of Christine Desiree Furniture and Interior Design, she has, for over 20 years, provided interior product and design expertise to many delighted customers. A Sarasota native,

letter to the editor

LBK Isles Life – COMPEER Event

The Gift of Giving through the generosity of the LBK Isles Life Community and Event Program Thank you, Bay Isles resident, Bunny Skirboll for your kind note: Hi Sara, I couldn’t go to bed without thanking you again for providing a wonderful, fun and successful event to benefit COMPEER.

Jay Steele

Introducing Mary Saloka Morrison, Your Bay Isles Movement Mentor

By Mary Saloka Morrison | March 1, 2019

Jay Steele – Inspirational Bay Isles Neighbor.

May I invite myself to become one of your resources for living a healthy life?

Wellness has been my life work. I began my career as a physical therapist working in a large city hospital in 1980. In the years since then,

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As Good As It Gets

By Longboat Lee | March 1, 2019

A sincere thank you to all my neighbors at the Moorings who shared their stories in the January 2019 issue highlighting their history, love and lifestyle living on the water at the Moorings Marina. I have admired the yachts for many years and am now happy to put a personality to some of those vessels.

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Burke Antiques Returns to Palm Avenue

By Sara Sinaiko | March 1, 2019

Welcome Back, Cheryl Burke!

Fascinating Cheryl Burke invited us in for a sneak peek at her newly opened Burke Antiques Shop at 72 Palm Avenue South.

Keeping up with Cheryl is a challenge for even the most seasoned collector. She has been the owner of a group of 75 retail,

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Scene SF Climate Change Conference

Bay Isles Residents in the Local Community | January LBK Isles Life Event

By Sara Sinaiko | March 1, 2019

See the photo gallery.

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Koi Pond at Emerald Point North – Ken and Kerry Gorman’s Garden Jewel

By Susan C. Levine | March 1, 2019

Hidden from the countless walking and bike riding Bay Islers, Emerald Pointe North is nestled mid-Bay Isles: a cozy twin-villa enclave boasting precision manicured front entrances and the special garden courtyard of Ken and Kerry Gorman.

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Culture of Death

By Robert Gary | March 1, 2019

It is difficult as an American to imagine a culture where death, not life, defines you. A culture where people save their money not for a big wedding but to have the grandest funeral they can afford. A place where family status is defined by the number of freshly dissected bullhorns that are placed outside the house of your surviving relatives.

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Blythe March

Student Life

By Blythe | March 1, 2019

March Madness

This month I interviewed Rehan Majeed. Rehan attends IMG Academy. He enjoys playing basketball. Rehan chose IMG Academy because he thought that this school would be the best for his academics as well as athletics. He also said that the basketball and weightlifting facilities will help him bring his game up to the next level.

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Cats Coexisting with Fish at the Soderblom Home

By Ann B Anderson | March 1, 2019

Leah & Kenny Soderblom

Photography by Leah Soderblom

Leah and Kenny Soderblom are a fascinating couple who live in Queens Harbor in Bay Isles on Longboat Key. They have some very pampered cats as well as a beautiful salt water aquarium and a Coy Pond.

Not too many cats make the Pet of the Month column,

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Vector Drawings Of Watercolor Shamrocks, Isolated On White

LBK Isles Life Casting Call!

By Sara Sinaiko | March 1, 2019

March Greetings Bay Isles! This month offers lots to look forward to with Day Light Savings beginning on March 10, Saint Patrick’s Day on March 17, spring arriving on March 20, and March Madness/NCAA Division Men’s Basketball Tournament from March 19-April 8. Read about a talented, local basketball player in Blythely Speaking with an interview of Rehan Majeed by our Teen Writer,

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Ryan Heers and EJ Benioni

By Sara Sinaiko | March 1, 2019

Longboat Key Garden Club Home Tour

The Longboat Key Garden Club Home Tour includes the stylish home of Ryan Heers and T. Elijah “EJ” Benioni. Located in the Bayou section of Bay Isles, the circa 1989 home was completely renovated by this fascinating couple when they relocated from Rochester,

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Sm TBIRabbiShulmangroundbreaking Ceremony

House of Worship Celebrates 40th Anniversary

By Sara Sinaiko | February 1, 2019

Temple Beth Israel is located in Bay Isles

On December 2, 1979, a small number of Jewish families met in a living room to light the spark that would kindle the light of Judaism on Longboat Key. That light would grow and become Temple Beth Israel. With the guidance of retired Rabbi Albert Shulman of South Bend Indiana,

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