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Julie Klick is a well-known realtor who lives in Bay Isles with her husband, Paul,  a volunteer and Board member of Easter Seals Southwest Florida, their beloved son, William, their cat, Bingham, and their more recently acquired family member, Bama.

It was decided that a companion/service dog would be fun and helpful. Julie wanted a Goldendoodle, but one that was smaller than average. She went on a search, finally locating a woman in Tennessee who was a reputable breeder. At six weeks,  each member of the litter was behavior tested, sorting out which puppy was more or less aggressive, dominant, submissive etc. Julie was offered one of two puppies who seemed to best fulfill her needs. She chose an adorable little 6 weeks old fluff ball who was deemed to be not too Alpha.

After bringing the puppy home, first on the to-do list was to name her. It was actually William who chose the name. Many were considered but he kept coming back to Bama. Could it have anything to do with the fact that the whole family is avid sports fans, especially for The Crimson Tide?

Bama was quickly house broken, fitting right in, but she needed training in how to better direct her playful exuberance and sudden, startling barking alerts into more helpful canine behavior.

As soon as she was old enough Julie, William, and she enrolled at Pet Co. for private lessons with an experienced trainer, Julie Radzwich. This was a good location because there would be customers and often their pets walking around.  Bama could learn to work through distractions.

Some of the goals for her to learn are to sit, stay, down, find it,  and "close" meaning for her to heal nicely alongside William's wheelchair. He participated in the training by dropping her a little treat at precisely the right moment to reinforce desired behavior. She is doing well so far, but it is a long painstaking time before a puppy matures and graduates into a reliable companion/service dog. Excessive barking is also hard to correct, but very possible. Besides trainers in person, there are excellent teaching videos on the internet.

At Christmas time, one often reflects on gifts, those most treasured from past and present. The gift of a loving, supportive family towards all of its human members, loyalty to each other through all obstacles is the greatest gift of all. A well-trained companion dog who gives unlimited love and emotional support to her favorite people may be the second greatest gift of all. Bama is well on her way to fulfilling this very gratifying outcome for her very special and inspirational family.


About Ann B Anderson

I am the luckiest journalist you can imagine. My assignments include interviewing endearing Bay Isles pets and at the same time getting to know their interesting and fun human family members.I have been entranced by animals and birds ever since I was a little girl. I remember going to help choose our first family dog, a Cocker spaniel named Cinder. I used to dress her up in doll clothes and push her around in a buggy. She was very tolerant.I grew up in Minnesota where I met my husband, Steve, at the University of Minnesota. We were married shortly after graduation. He started out selling pharmaceuticals but eventually started his own biomedical company. It went on the NY stock exchange as CRY. I give you this short summary because it helps to explain why we moved around a lot.....from Minnesota, to Wisconsin, back to Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, GA., until finally making it back to Longboat Key. ( paradise )My beloved dogs and birds have always been great emotional support and a steady presence through our many moves. We got interested in showing Boxer dogs, seriously so, once our two children were a little older. As a result of this hobby we have met many other dog lovers along the way. We continue today, currently showing a beautiful male called CH. Rummer Run's Commander in Chief. We hope to take him to Westminster in February.During the time we were in St. Pete we screened off a large portion of our lanai. I added plants, a small tree, some little wicker nests, and about a dozen beautiful canaries They laid eggs, raised their babies, and sang from morning to night. It was really relaxing to watch and listen to them while sitting out there. An engrossing interest during the past 10 years has been co-founding and serving on the Board of Save Our Seabirds.The main things I like to do are read, write, think, and be with friends. I am passionate about protecting species and their habitats, finding ways to counter global warming, and most of all, encouraging respect and kindness towards all other living things with whom we share this earth.

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  1. avatar Sara Sinaiko on December 3, 2018 at 10:20 am

    NO DOUBT, Bama and the entire Klick family are jumping up and down and stomping for the “Crimson Tide”, 1st in SEC West Football.