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Dulcy Kushmore, founder of Sarasota-based Canada Med Services and Discount Prescription Services, is the very definition of a visionary entrepreneur. Once a commercial interior designer as well as the owner of a St. Croix bed and breakfast and steakhouse, she is well-versed and adept at providing excellent customer service, the benchmark and hallmark of all she has accomplished.

Dulcy founded her groundbreaking company in 2003 as she recognized the need to help all Americans have access to safe and affordable prescriptions filled by international pharmacy partners. Today, she works alongside  her daughter, Samantha Hobbs, and son-in-law, JR Hobbs. They are a remarkable trio whose hard work and dedication to Business Development and Customer Services is complemented by three employees who are in the office daily to help shepherd customers through the process of procuring their prescriptions. In a nutshell, Canada Med Services offers access to medications from Canada, New Zealand and the US that are significantly less costly, by as much as 75 to 80 percent, and they have successfully done so for fifteen years.

How does it work? The company is essentially a middleman, a face and a place, in the complex drug industry. For those whose prescriptions are unaffordable, Canada Med Services will help them find the appropriate pharmacy. In addition, those without prescription coverage, medications considered out of plan or those in the Medicare D gap will also find these services very useful. The bottom line is that many individuals can now afford the medications that improve their health and their lives, without sacrificing food, gas or other necessities.

Ordering does require a valid US prescription, which is submitted directly to the pharmacy. Once received, medications are billed, filled and shipped directly to the customer via US Post. Refill reminders, prescription requests to doctors and order tracking are all provided, free of charge.

Canada Med Services fills an incredibly important need in our society; the team is passionate about what they do and is committed to providing excellent service. It is no surprise they’ve received many accolades from the business community including Winner in the Sarasota Small Business-Woman Entrepreneur Award, Finalist in the BIZ 941 Greater Good Award, Winner of the Sarasota Chamber Business of the Year and Finalist for Manatee Chamber Small Business of the Year. These highly competitive awards are reflective of the high standards Canada Med Services holds for itself.

In 2010, the team initiated Charity of Choice. They’ve partnered with 32 local non-profits to provide donations to them based on the customer selections when placing their first order and each subsequent order. In just eight years, $50,000 has been donated to these partners. This is indeed a brilliant concept that encourages donations and provides much-needed visibility to deserving causes.

All of this demonstrates the innovation and compassion of this company. Not only do they fill a much-needed niche market, they make giving back to the community a high priority. But here’s something quite interesting — they do all of this great work without the ability to use social media or even have their own website. That’s because the international pharmacies do not want to be connected to the Internet side of the industry, which can sometimes skirt regulations.

l imagine that in today’s world where customers love the advantages and ease of technology! That means Canada Med Services has to work harder, smarter and more creatively to market its services and make connections with the community and other businesses. Their success speaks for itself!

Please contact Canada Med Services if you, a friend or a loved one is struggling to afford their needed medications. It might just be the perfect solution.
Canada Med Services
Phone 941-927-3600
4113 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota FL, 34233
Hours M-F 9:00-5:30


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