Happy Holidays Bay Isles!

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Happy Holidays Bay Isles!

December is our 11th month in print for LBK Isles Life! One of the major goals is community building through shared conversations, interviews, gatherings/neighborhood events, our monthly print magazine, the website: lbkisleslife.com and social media: LBK Isles Life Facebook and Instagram. Please share the web-based versions of LBK Isles Life with family and friends, it is a timely way for them to see what we are talking about. Thanks to our generous business partners support, Bay Isles residents receive a monthly, printed copy of LBK Isles Life for free.

In this issue, the stories have focused on the holiday spirit of sharing, family, giving and gratitude. The Volunteer of the Month column takes a new twist, focusing on the fact that our business partners, through participating in the marketing program of LBK Isles Life, are contributing to N2 GIVES, a charity that our parent company N2 Publishing founded to fight human trafficking. Bob Gary's Travel Adventurecolumn takes us to a slum in India where the human spirit triumphs over devastating poverty every day and finds joy in doing so. Our new Teen Writer, Blythe, reflects on her experiences during the holidays and suggests gift ideas for your young family members.  Longboat Lee gets into the Holiday Spirit with a Blessing that we can all appreciate. The Recipe of the Month is by Rochelle Stassa, December Cover Girl along with her dapper husband, George. Rochelle tells us a story of her family and describes its inter-generational tradition of preparing and sharing delicious food, especially during Holidays.  Susan and Howard Levine in Live! from Bay Isles showcase an artist who is creating messages and encouraging conversation with her artwork that is made from old books. Ray Rajewski invites us in to his "Man Cave" for Home of the Month. Mary Lou Johnson offers beautiful examples of Holiday Photos and iPhone tipson how to get them. In Art & Culture, we meet Jill Wine-Banks, who visited Bay Isles and uses her jewelry collection of pins, to communicate and influence. Ann Anderson's account in Pet of the Month, introduces Bama, a young dog, learning to be a service dog and companion to Julie Klick's son, William, and Lisa Giusti covers the  Business of the Month, Canada Med Services, our business partner who provides access to low-cost prescription medicines – consider calling them to learn how they may help you.

Personally, I am grateful to know you, the Bay Isles community, and look forward to more stories, conversations, events and news in the New Year. Please consider recommending stories, offering tips, sharing recipes and photos, and nominating friends and pets for the various columns.  Our next LBK Isles Life Event will be in January. Watch for details in the January issue.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

All the best and Be Well,
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Sara Sinaiko is thrilled to be the Publisher of LBK Isles Life, believing that it represents a panoply of her life experience and skills.Sara has an entrepreneurial edge and calls upon her early career on Wall Street where she advised C-Suite Executives on Investment Banking options in the Public and Private Markets, her exposure to Philanthropic Organizations as a CEO and Executive Director, and her experience in Marketing Consulting. She also has lived and worked in Paris, France and Venice, Italy to pursue her love of fine art and culture.Ownership of the N2 Publishing Franchise for Bay Isles on Longboat Key, gives Sara the opportunity to turn the neighborhood into a community. Meeting the residents of Bay Isles and bringing them together to share stories and events makes it an exciting and varied professional challenge.For businesses that want to develop meaningful relationships with the residents of Bay Isles, there is no better way to reach them than through a Marketing Partnership with LBK Isles Life. It is a three pronged approach: Feature Stories, Events, and monthly Print Ads.Reach a most desirable Target Market in Sarasota/Manatee Counties - BAY ISLES on LONGBOAT KEYLBK isles life, is a monthly, lifestyle magazineOur Readers are well educated, discerning, maintain high levels of discretionary income, and have buying power. They are active, socially responsible, involved in local philanthropy as volunteers, and some serve on the Board of Directors of the most important nonprofits in the region, such as Save Our Seabirds, Mote Marine, The Sarasota Community Foundation, The Pines Senior Living & Rehab Center, The Selby Library Foundation, and they fully support our thriving Art & Culture Scene.They are C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, Renowned Academics, and Re-invented Retirees. Many own more than one residence, travel frequently, enjoy extended family and love their pets. They play golf, tennis, are boaters and walkers, enjoying the “good life” in Bay Isles.Contact Sara Sinaiko for Marketing Rates and Terms