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Holiday Reflections and Gifts!

Blythely Speaking DEC 2018

It’s finally December and time for the holidays! Yay!

For my special holiday for December, I celebrate Christmas. For Christmas, I always get a Christmas Tree. On my Christmas tree I put super cute ornaments and lights and, of course, an angel or a star at the top. I have a lot of fun decorating my Christmas tree and getting all prepared for Christmas!

Around our Christmas tree, we put a skirt at the bottom, to make the Christmas tree holder look more presentable and pretty. We definitely make sure our Christmas tree has plenty of water in it to keep it alive. We keep our tree until a little after January.

The other decorating that I enjoy is to hang stockings up above our chimney, and sometimes different places around the Christmas tree. On the outside of my house, I like to help my family put up lights and other decorations. Winter time is when the weather is nice and cold outside, I like the cold weather a lot!

If you are wondering what to get your children or grandchildren, I’ve got the stuff for you! The “hottest” things that kids my age are into are video games, money, technology, fun games, clothes, sports accessories, whatever toys that are fun to play with, and whatever your kid may like. Personally, I like video games, technology, clothes and money. For Christmas, I really like to be surprised, when I’m totally surprised at what I get, it’s so much more fun.

And not only getting your loved ones a present, think about Christmas as not only for gifts, it’s for family and appreciating what you already have. For Christmas, I enjoy having a family dinner, turkey is good for Christmas and other things that are also super yummy! My favorite Christmas treat would definitely be candy canes. Candy canes are soooooo good! Also, I like to bake special cookies for the winter time.

Happy Holidays!


About Blythe

My name “Blythe”, means happy spirit. I am 14 years old.I am growing up on Longboat Key, in Bay Isles. I am very excited for my birthday on October 12, (that is when I turn 14) because I might be going to Disney! Anyways, some of my hobbies are video games and tennis. I like animals and enjoy seeing birds and wild life around Bay Isles. One time, my mom, dad, and I rescued a swan that had been hit by a car near the Bay Isles Gate. We took it to Save Our Seabirds and named it "Diva". With good care, she survived.I attend a Charter School in Sarasota that has a serious selection process. I like my Language Arts Class , where we learn grammar and writing skills. I also enjoy technology and dancing.I am happy that I live on Longboat Key with my mom because its nice to live on a canal, and near the ocean.