The Power of Pins

Jill Wine-Banks gets her message across with Jewelry

Jill Wine Banks Arts And Culture Dec 2018

Celebrity, MSNBC Contributor & Legal Analyst, Jill Wine-Banks, and her husband, Michael, were guests of Bob and Karen Gary, residents of Winding Oaks in Bay Isles.
Jill, a lawyer, is known for her work as an Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor, where she cross-examined Rose Mary Woods about the Watergate tapes. She later served under President Jimmy Carter as the first woman to hold the position of US General Counsel of the Army. She was also the first woman to serve as the Executive Director of the American Bar Association. It was during her early years, after law school, when she joined the United States Department of Justice, becoming one of the first female attorneys in the organized crime section, that she and Bob Gary were colleagues.

Jill has an extensive list of accomplishments and recognition, however, we will focus on #JillsPin, an ongoing array of pins that Jill wears to express a message. Jill uses her jewelry to subtly speak about issues.

On October 7, 2018, she posted a pin called Peace Hope Laugh made for her by a Sarasota resident, Susie Silver, to commemorate the occasion of Jill's address to the Democrats of Sarasota and Longboat Key.

On October 5, 2018, she posted a pin called Circus.  She explained that one reason she wore this pin to Sarasota is the Circus Heritage of the area. You can create your own version of alternate messages.

Jill is wearing both of these pins in the featured photo taken at the Gary home in Winding Oaks.

Jewelry is typically made for personal adornment and can be used to express personality, style and even cultural, social and political messages.

Pins have developed their own special world, sometimes becoming symbols of status, or conveying edgy, trendy or satirical messages. They are collected by many and have evolved over time to the point where Jill Wine-Banks has a following for her #JillsPin, which she posts on her website and on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, almost daily.

What a cultural phenomenon! Even Vogue Magazine covered #JillsPin with a story on "Jill Wine-Banks – wearing a different brooch each time" she is "on TV, a pin that expresses, in witty, sometimes subtle ways," her "commitment to a progressive agenda." Jill is quoted: "When I was first on television in May 2017, the men were all wearing flag pins." "I had an old celluloid eagle above a shield that said 'Defend America' and I thought, No one will notice it – it didn't stand out. But someone on Twitter saw it, and I realized I was sending a message."  At the time, Jill says she had, maybe, a few hundred Twitter followers. The number had grown to close to 10,000 when the article was published. Today, Jill Wine-Banks has close to 150,000 Twitter Followers and #JillsPin has its own group of followers.

Jill told us that her MSNBC career began due to an Op-Ed that she wrote after taking an Opinion Editorial, or Op-Ed, Writing Class at the end of April 2017. She shared that at age 74, she was offered a position at MSNBC. Hers is a story of reinvention and the intelligent use of her legal thinking, which she explained, is "good for persuasion" and, of course, a knack for choosing pins.


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