Chloe Cosby

Pet Chloe In Life Vest

Teddy Bear "Boatswain"

Chloe Cosby is an absolutely adorable Teddy Bear. Sometimes superlatives are overused, but Chloe is really special.

A few years ago Christine and Jim decided that it was time for another dog in their lives. They had a beautiful Prestige power boat docked at the Moorings Marina, and they had some exciting trips planned for the future, but still they started looking. Jim made it a point to walk around Bay Isles and strike up conversations with People walking their dogs. He would ask them what they liked about their pet or what factors had most influenced their choice.

He ran into quite a few people with Teddy Bears. This breed is not recognized yet by the American Kennel Club, but it has become very popular.  They are usually a combination of a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise.

Teddy Bears are friendly, cuddly, mild tempered and usually hypoallergenic as well as shedding little or no hair. The Cosbys were sold and went on the internet looking for a puppy. The internet is sometimes an unreliable place from which to buy a puppy. Puppy Mills or unscrupulous breeders can make themselves look legitimate and caring on the internet and it might be easy to be duped. However they followed through asking for references. It turned out that the veterinary hospital which had once taken care of Christine's previous yellow labs spoke highly of Chloe's breeder, so they were reassured.

They looked at puppies in Illinois on their way from Florida to Wisconsin – two boys and two girls. Chloe was so outgoing and came right over to make friends. They fell in love.

She was easy to train. They purchased potty pads with an alluring scent which was supposed to make her want to go in a designated spot. Although both were somewhat dubious about whether this would really work, they soon found out. One day shortly after they got her, they had a boat malfunction and Jim had to row them back to where they needed to spend the night. They knew that Chloe probably had to go and couldn't make it that far so they just set her on the pad and Voila! She relieved herself immediately. They knew she would be a perfect crew mate from that moment on.

Christine and Jim are serious boaters. They are known as Loopers among boater aficionados. Loopers are people who make a trip which could last up to nine months at one time. They depart the LBK  Marina and do not return until after having traveled 6000 miles, making their way up the Eastern Seaboard, across Canada, down through Chicago, through rivers as well as seas and, eventually, returning here.

Spending so much time together in a relatively small space, could tax the patience of even a saint, but this couple has worked things out, honestly communicating what they each need to do and experience on such a long voyage. The work and responsibilities are evenly divided.

What interesting Nautical neighbors the Cosbys are in Bay Isles, and what an adorable little crew mate they have in Chloe.

Bon Voyage ...

Pet Chloe On AC Vent Of Yacht
Pet Chloe And Wedding Photo

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