New Year Resolutions Reflections

From Bay Isles

Longboat Lee

It is that time of year where we look back and think about the things we liked, disliked, want to change and /or willing to accept. This exercise is worthless if we do not really think we have a chance to change and make an impact. So here we go:

I want my life to include more “Ales” (beer) versus worrying about what ails I might have. Getting older is not for the meek. The fun and frothy ones are more enlightening and allow more active time on the beach and in Bay Isles.

The new definition of “Airplane Mode” is a new state of mind when wheels are up, heading south to Longboat Key.

We can now put an end to plastic straws. These unnecessary bar supplies are a small sacrifice to allow a safer and more healthy life for our sea creatures.

Exercise and staying active is important. This Midwest guy needs to learn the challenging sports of kayaking and pickleball. Having never done either, I am willing to learn. On the other hand, I can play a mean game of euchre.

A last thought to ponder, the millennials created a term called “adulting,” which refers to the boring tasks and life lived as a responsible adult. One of my hopes for 2019 is that we all understand that taking responsibility and being responsible should be an expectation for all generations.

With the many challenges, we have in front of us this next year, I hope that we can envision a kinder and nicer America, one in which we see every day on Longboat Key. The Bay Isles residents have always made my wife and I feel that this is home. I wish all of you my very best with all your resolutions and wishes for 2019.

By the way, my New Year’s Resolution is the same as last year — read more and become well-read.

Cheers to our “Little Piece of Paradise – LBK”

Longboat Lee

3 Keys Brewing “Well Red” IPA
(Bradenton, Florida)

An American IPA with a brick red color and a solid malt flavor, while maintaining an aggressive bitterness at an IBU of 70 (ABV 7.2%).

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About Longboat Lee

Longboat Lee is a Midwestern Businessman that has been afforded the opportunity, along with his wife, to live part time in the Midwest, but also part time in one of the most beautiful, relaxing and pleasant places on earth - Longboat Key! Approximately 10 years ago we purchased a second home in Bay Isles. It is a place where I dream about spending more time as I get older. Over the last 10 years we have learned to love and enjoy the local destinations, scenery and people in the nearby surrounding area. We love to relax and relive the many Longboat Key memories over a good cocktail, a great glass of wine and / or a cold beer. Thanks to all who have made this place our "Little Piece of Paradise".