New Year Resolutions

Sunset By Blythe

My Christmas was very fun! My aunt and cousins came to stay at our house to celebrate Christmas with us. We spent a good time together as a family. Our Christmas tree decorations are still up because they are so pretty.

So, now it’s the new year and 2019 – time to start your New Years resolutions. My resolutions consist of getting all A’s and always being positive. For New Years, I watched fireworks and talked about New Year's resolutions. The fireworks were beautiful and big. I googled what 2019 stands for and it represents creativity and inspiration. I am very creative. I’m creative because I like to think of things differently than other people.

Before Christmas, I went to an art festival with my mom, on St. Armands circle. And I came across a couple of really pretty photographs, so we got them. I liked them a lot, and we hung them up in my room. One photo was a picture of some palm trees, that have a pretty sunset behind them. Another photo was of a beach and rocks, but the twist was that there was blue lightning! And the last one was taken of the beach but with some broken off tree branches. They are all unique in their own ways. The photographer is Thomas J Styczynski. I also got inspired by him, so I tried to take some pictures as well. I took one with palm trees and I’m pretty proud of it!

In November, I saw a movie. It was the new 2018 movie, The Grinch. It was a really good and emotional movie. It taught kids to not only care about presents, but family and kindness on Christmas are what it's all about. I definitely recommend this new movie, it's my favorite movie now!

I hope u enjoyed and happy 2019!

Love, Blythe


About Blythe

My name “Blythe”, means happy spirit. I am 14 years old.I am growing up on Longboat Key, in Bay Isles. I am very excited for my birthday on October 12, (that is when I turn 14) because I might be going to Disney! Anyways, some of my hobbies are video games and tennis. I like animals and enjoy seeing birds and wild life around Bay Isles. One time, my mom, dad, and I rescued a swan that had been hit by a car near the Bay Isles Gate. We took it to Save Our Seabirds and named it "Diva". With good care, she survived.I attend a Charter School in Sarasota that has a serious selection process. I like my Language Arts Class , where we learn grammar and writing skills. I also enjoy technology and dancing.I am happy that I live on Longboat Key with my mom because its nice to live on a canal, and near the ocean.