Reflection Time

All photos in this article © 2019 Mary Lou Johnson

Photo Tips Chandler Dock Reflection
Photo Tips LBK Roseate Spoonbills

Happy New Year!

January is a great month to reflect on the past year and count all your blessings and the many lessons learned. While reflecting, now look around at all the different reflections in front of you and capture them with your camera! They are fun and surprising because once you start looking for them, they suddenly appear!

Stronger images can be created when the subject is reflected. The reflection may be a major or minor part of the image but still adds a striking dimension.

Still water creates wonderful mirror images. Position yourself to get the full or partial reflection of your subject. Try different angles from a variety of heights.

Up close of partial reflections might create interesting abstracts. Watch how the sidelight is different from front light or back light. Which one works best for your subject?

Our Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota Bay offer extremely still mirror reflections as well as wavy reflections. Any body of water whether it is a pond, drainage area or river offers many new subjects that are  around them. Sunrises and sunsets will be more colorful but daytime skies can also be beautiful backgrounds or even the main subjects.

Just after a rain, take a walk and see what you find in the street reflections. Very important is where you place yourself to find an interesting presentation of your subject. Once you find a reflection, move around to discover the best angle.

A window, a wine glass, a storefront window, wet pavement or tiles … The list goes on. Just look around for exciting reflections!

Photo Tips Gorgeous Sunset
Photo Tips Reflection Of Ritz

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All photos in this article © 2019 Mary Lou Johnson