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Blythely Speaking Save Our Seabirds

The other day I got the chance to meet and interview David Pilston. He is the CEO of Save Our Seabirds on City Island. He is a great guy!

Save Our Seabirds’ mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release sick and injured birds. Unfortunately, sometimes birds that are admitted to the hospital at SOS don’t make it, but that’s not common. Most birds do make it.

I’m a student at Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences, and I interviewed David because Save Our Seabirds chose SSAS for a special challenge: Create drawings about SOS’s mission featuring the birds it helps. My school was chosen because of our reputation as an artsy school. Art teachers Brian Hubbard and David Carr helped with the project. Students visited SOS and spent time getting to know the place and the birds that live there.

There were no specific criteria for the drawings — artists could draw any bird they saw at SOS in any way they wanted. One thing that was important to SOS was to show a variety of bird species. Winning designs would be selected from all the entries and those would be professionally made into banners to be displayed throughout Save Our Seabirds.

There were so many great entries, it was hard to pick just a few. There were 18 winners! The banners were presented at a special SOS event on January 6 called a “Birdday Bash” celebrating National Bird Day, which was January 5. I got to see the banners, and they are wonderful! The whole purpose was to spread the word about how beautiful birds are, that people should care more about protecting them, and about Save Our Seabirds’ mission to “rescue, rehabilitate, and release” sick and injured birds. Also, of course, to show that Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences is a great school for the arts!

While I was at Save Our Seabirds, David showed me something very cool about pelicans. If you get a stick and run it against the side of the habitat, the males will run over and try to grab it. Whichever male gets the stick will take it back to his female mate. The female then puts the stick in her nest. Now, that female will like that male for a period of time. I found that very cool and interesting!

It was very nice meeting David, and I definitely would like to talk to him again sometime!


About Blythe

My name “Blythe”, means happy spirit. I am 14 years old.I am growing up on Longboat Key, in Bay Isles. I am very excited for my birthday on October 12, (that is when I turn 14) because I might be going to Disney! Anyways, some of my hobbies are video games and tennis. I like animals and enjoy seeing birds and wild life around Bay Isles. One time, my mom, dad, and I rescued a swan that had been hit by a car near the Bay Isles Gate. We took it to Save Our Seabirds and named it "Diva". With good care, she survived.I attend a Charter School in Sarasota that has a serious selection process. I like my Language Arts Class , where we learn grammar and writing skills. I also enjoy technology and dancing.I am happy that I live on Longboat Key with my mom because its nice to live on a canal, and near the ocean.

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