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Longboat Lee Feb 2019

February is the month of “Love” which includes the day we celebrate – Valentine’s Day! Like many others, I have good reason to memorialize this day and give “Cheers” to my wife. That great day is also the day we got married 15 years ago. Not only is it our anniversary month, it is also my wife’s birth month.

Even more reason to celebrate the month of February is due to my love of fine wine. I was recently sent a list of “5 Reasons Why Wine Should be Better Than Your Wife.” My wife has a great sense of humor, so I shared the reasons with her for a good laugh. Our responses to each reason follows:

  1. Wine has no problem opening up to you – “We always have a bottle open.”
  2. Wine will never judge you – “We are fortunate to often consume well-judged wines."
  3. Wine always knows what you want – “We want to share a bottle every night.”
  4. Wine is always there for you – “We are always there for a good bottle of wine.”
  5. Wine can make you smile without even trying – “We always smile with a glass in hand.”

Although we might not buy into wine is better than your spouse, we do agree that a glass of wine is the foundation for daily “Cheers” to a good life. As far as I am concerned, sharing wine with my significant other is one great reason why I look forward to the end of most days on Longboat Key. Honestly stated, “Wine is important to our Bay Isles Life.” Amore Restaurant on Longboat may be gone forever, but amore is alive and flourishing in our Bay Isles home.

For Valentine’s Day, my wife and I will celebrate a fantastic dinner at Harry’s Continental Kitchen. Our fine food will be paired with the Franciscan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. It is not only a fantastic bottle of wine, but one that has great significance. Over 15 years ago, just before our journey up Spring Mountain in Napa Valley, my wife-to-be and I enjoyed one of these great bottles of wine. It was on top of Spring Mountain, where she said yes to the ever-important question of, “Will you marry me?”

I am fortunate that she said “Yes.” I am also very fortunate that several years later she said “Yes” to living a good Bay Isles life on Longboat Key.

I now give thanks to Harry’s for the opportunity I will again have with Longboat Annie, to share a great dinner and our many memories together, as we continue to enjoy fine island living.

Cheers to our “Little Piece of Paradise – LBK”

Longboat Lee


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About Longboat Lee

Longboat Lee is a Midwestern Businessman that has been afforded the opportunity, along with his wife, to live part time in the Midwest, but also part time in one of the most beautiful, relaxing and pleasant places on earth - Longboat Key! Approximately 10 years ago we purchased a second home in Bay Isles. It is a place where I dream about spending more time as I get older. Over the last 10 years we have learned to love and enjoy the local destinations, scenery and people in the nearby surrounding area. We love to relax and relive the many Longboat Key memories over a good cocktail, a great glass of wine and / or a cold beer. Thanks to all who have made this place our "Little Piece of Paradise".

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