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LongboatLee As Good As It Gets

A sincere thank you to all my neighbors at the Moorings who shared their stories in the January 2019 issue highlighting their history, love and lifestyle living on the water at the Moorings Marina. I have admired the yachts for many years and am now happy to put a personality to some of those vessels.

My 11-year LBK life has truly been enhanced by the true beauty of the Marina and its inhabitants. This beautiful and pristine setting has many features to love and to enjoy, the opulent yachts are just one of those factors that make it a special place.

Sara – thank you for bringing out the personality of the people behind these maritime homes. There are great success stories behind all those fine people highlighted in your story. Most of all, Holly Hennessy, “Cheers” to you for sharing your smile, zest for adventure, and your champagne toast to Bay Isles.

My wife and I walk the Moorings upon every visit. We love the yachts and often speculate on the true meaning and story behind the names. We now have answers for a few of those. We have always admired “Swept Away” for its relevance to our feeling of LBK. We love to visit the “Lame X’cuse Again" to realize our grace and humility. The “Just 4 Us” seems to hit on the thought of our uniqueness and solidarity. Finally, the “Sun Shine,” that is the sole reason for making many visits to Florida while leaving behind the moody Midwest. Yes, we have our favorite – we will get to that later.

There is more to admire than the yachts. The Moorings Marina is also home to the great fine dining at Portofino’s Restaurant. We have been fortunate to dine there on several occasions. The food, scenery and atmosphere is a pure coastal dream. The resting bench on the northeast side of the property is quiet, serene and mind clearing. We have shared many thoughts and many prayers on that bench. Another beautiful site is the mangroves at the forefront of Sarasota Bay. Get there around 4 pm on a sunny day and you will witness a festive and funny bird Happy Hour. Many birds come and go with very loud stories from their daily encounters. Last, but not least, is the Bocce court in Marina Courtyard. I have seen many friends gather for drinks and games. Some games have been competitive, but all are full of laughter, enjoying the LBK Isles Life.

By the way, our favorite yacht name is “As Good as It Gets.” Someday I will meet the owners, they share the same life dreams, vision and opinion. It really does not get any better than living and sharing the fine memories of Bay Isles on Longboat Key.

LBK is “As Good as it Gets!”

Cheers to our “Little Piece of Paradise – LBK”

Longboat Lee


About Longboat Lee

Longboat Lee is a Midwestern Businessman that has been afforded the opportunity, along with his wife, to live part time in the Midwest, but also part time in one of the most beautiful, relaxing and pleasant places on earth - Longboat Key! Approximately 10 years ago we purchased a second home in Bay Isles. It is a place where I dream about spending more time as I get older. Over the last 10 years we have learned to love and enjoy the local destinations, scenery and people in the nearby surrounding area. We love to relax and relive the many Longboat Key memories over a good cocktail, a great glass of wine and / or a cold beer. Thanks to all who have made this place our "Little Piece of Paradise".

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