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Mar 2019 LBK Isles Life (2) 116

Bay Isles resident Christine Desiree lives a life fueled by her tremendous creativity. As President and Principal of Christine Desiree Furniture and Interior Design, she has, for over 20 years, provided interior product and design expertise to many delighted customers.

A Sarasota native, Christine graduated with Honors from the Ringling College of Art and Design and was the recipient of the prestigious Presidents Award. After graduation, she worked with an American Indian and Japanese architectural firm in Colorado. That experience fostered Christine’s love of Japanese culture, a fondness that is apparent in many of her furniture pieces.

Upon her return to Sarasota, she began designing her own extraordinary furniture. Inspired by the tropical beauty of the Sarasota area, the simplicity and whimsy of Japanese designs, the aesthetics of African woods, as well as granite and concrete, Christine has designed a collection of luxury pieces that are not only stylish and unique but comfortable and functional. Combining beauty with workability is no easy task and requires not only a creative mind, but an understanding of architectural and engineering as well. Because of her dedication to perfection, her furniture graces homes not only in Sarasota, but cities all over the world, including Hong Kong and Paris, to name just a few.

It’s no surprise that her designs have received many awards and accolades. Her work has been displayed in journals such as Architectural Digest and Florida Design. Recognizing her success, Ringling College of Art and Design selected her as a two-term member of their Board of Trustees, a high honor indeed.

Christine is also an accomplished sculptor and has exhibited her stunning pieces all over the country, including Sarasota’s Season of Sculpture. Her large sculpture entitled High Voltage is now on display and at home at Ringling College, a fitting tribute to her alma mater. It seems her creativity knows no bounds! She has assisted with art collections, provided furniture for a hotel in Japan, and is a reliable resource for her many clients.

For all of these accomplishments, Christine is most grateful for her teenage daughter and loves being her mother. Blythe is an exemplary student, athlete and a writer for LBK Isles Life. Blythe is indeed Christine’s finest work!

If you’re looking for an exceptional piece of furniture or wanting a slight change to your current décor or an entire home design, Christine Desiree is your answer. She will design exactly what you have in mind.


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