Koi Pond at Emerald Point North – Ken and Kerry Gorman’s Garden Jewel

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Kelly feeds the Ko
Kelly feeds the Ko
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Ken in the Garden

May your blessings outnumber the Shamrocks that grow,

And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.

– Irish Blessing

Hidden from the countless walking and bike riding Bay Islers, Emerald Pointe North is nestled mid-Bay Isles: a cozy twin-villa enclave boasting precision manicured front entrances and the special garden courtyard of Ken and  Kerry Gorman.

The serene and professionally designed courtyard garden not only has a showy colorful, butterfly-attracting flower display but is completed with a pond filled with lily pads and always-hungry and brightly colored Japanese Koi. Additionally, the beautiful, relaxing water feature and the picturesque courtyard are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling-sliding doors which Kerry keeps wide open to wholly enjoy the soothing sounds of their hypnotic and soulful waterfall.

When Ken or Kerry approach the pond, the koi excitedly flutter to the water’s surface expecting their daily refreshments! According to Ken, the Koi are so energetic that after a recent rain storm, with the pond’s water higher than usual, a koi literally jumped out of the pond only to be quickly rescued.

Longtime Longboat Key residents, Ken and Kerry purchased their Emerald Pointe North home in 2011, with an existing courtyard with small pond and fountain. Ken, a former New York media executive and current Bay Isles Association Treasurer, always loved gardening. With decades of early morning and late returning nights commuting between Long Island to New York City, Ken always looked forward to his weekends for the relaxation provided him by non-stop gardening.

Bringing their gardening enthusiasm to Emerald Pointe North, the Gormans  orchestrated the renovation of the existing water feature by adding a stone-wall backdrop and enlarging the existing pond, plus a thoughtful selection of colorful,  flowering and butterfly-attracting Florida friendly ground cover and flowering shrubs, including angel leaf begonia, bougainvillea, thyrallis, lantana, jasmine, yellow and purple lily pads, dwarf chenille, and at least a fourth-generation spider plant originally “imported” from Long Island!

This thoughtfully designed courtyard garden, anchored by two bottle palm trees and guarded by an ornamental frog, a large copper dragonfly and a pair of white herons, is Ken and Kerry Gorman’s tranquil sanctuary right here in Bay Isles.


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