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This month I interviewed Rehan Majeed. Rehan attends IMG Academy. He enjoys playing basketball. Rehan chose IMG Academy because he thought that this school would be the best for his academics as well as athletics. He also said that the basketball and weightlifting facilities will help him bring his game up to the next level. The coaches are very good there and will help him succeed in his athletics.

Rehan's favorite subject in school is math. He likes math because his teacher makes the learning fun. She adds games and interesting study tools into her process of teaching.

Since IMG is a Prep School that offers the opportunity to focus on one sport, over time, Rehan has played many different positions in basketball. His top picks would be shooting guard and small forward. He likes them because he is able to handle the ball as well as shoot. This puts him in the best possible place to take the win for his team. His offensive skill set is easiest when he is shooting the ball from beyond the arc or driving in for a tough layup. He finds defense the hardest because it always requires 100% effort.

Rehan's favorite team is the Washington Wizards. He is from Baltimore, so he has definitely watched them play since he was a child. He enjoys going to basketball games with his family.

One interesting fact about Rehan is that he went to the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics game. He had the opportunity to shoot with his family. The challenge that he had to complete was to shoot from half court, and make it. He had a certain amount of time to complete this, which made it even harder. He made the half court shot just in time, and they got a prize! It was $5,000 dollars!

Rehan's biggest role model was his grandfather because he taught him the value of hard work and dedication. He also has given him the opportunity to go to IMG Academy.

This interview was very fun, and it was nice to meet Rehan. Thank you for reading.

Love, Blythe!


About Blythe

My name “Blythe”, means happy spirit. I am 14 years old.I am growing up on Longboat Key, in Bay Isles. I am very excited for my birthday on October 12, (that is when I turn 14) because I might be going to Disney! Anyways, some of my hobbies are video games and tennis. I like animals and enjoy seeing birds and wild life around Bay Isles. One time, my mom, dad, and I rescued a swan that had been hit by a car near the Bay Isles Gate. We took it to Save Our Seabirds and named it "Diva". With good care, she survived.I attend a Charter School in Sarasota that has a serious selection process. I like my Language Arts Class , where we learn grammar and writing skills. I also enjoy technology and dancing.I am happy that I live on Longboat Key with my mom because its nice to live on a canal, and near the ocean.

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  1. avatar Khalidi Sakina on March 1, 2019 at 1:08 pm

    You rock Rehan!
    Wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.

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