Publisher’s Note

Farewell to Behar Cake, Bay Isles Beach Club

Carmine Durzo And Behar Farewell

New LBK Isles Life Events Everyone who owns property in Bay Isles has enviable access to The Bay Isles Beach Club. All of us who have enjoyed this prime location on the Gulf of Mexico know Behar, who cared for the property so lovingly. We wish him well as he relocates to be with his…

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Celebrating Our Twelfth Issue of LBK Isles Life

Publishers Note Accademia Bridge View

Happy New Year! With this twelfth issue of LBK Isles Life, we have completed our Start-Up Year, a fitting New Year milestone. Happy New Year!  I wish you all a wonderful 2019 and look forward to more news, stories, people and LBK Isles Life Events. In fact, our LBK Isles Life Group Cruise planned for…

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Happy Holidays Bay Isles!

Happy Holidays Bay Isles! December is our 11th month in print for LBK Isles Life! One of the major goals is community building through shared conversations, interviews, gatherings/neighborhood events, our monthly print magazine, the website: and social media: LBK Isles Life Facebook and Instagram. Please share the web-based versions of LBK Isles Life with…

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November in Bay Isles

Publishers Note NOV Fallen Leaves In Paris

Hello, and November Greetings!  With Veteran’s Day, Election Day, and Thanksgiving this month, we have a lot to celebrate and to be grateful for. It was a distinct pleasure to meet so many US Military Veterans who live in Bay Isles or are associated with the business partners of LBKIsles Life.  You will find their…

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October Greetings Bay Isles!

Publishers Note Pumpkins

Welcome Back to the many Bay Isles residents who travel during the summer months. Please share your travel tales with us and send any photos or anecdotes to me so that they may be considered for publication. We have a new LBK Isles Life writer starting with this issue: Longboat Lee. Longboat Lee is a…

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September Greetings Bay Isles!

Orchids Publishers Note

“La Rentree” In French, “la rentree” means the return to work after the slack period of the summer break in France. It is used by workers, students, and pretty much everyone else. It corresponds to a migration that is widely recognized here when Bay Isles residents return to Florida from hopefully cooler climates and gear…

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Happy August Bay Isles!

pond lilies

Summer Scene This year is flying by and with seven months of issues, I am grateful to all of you for sharing LBK Isles Life and helping it grow. Each month, we bring stories about you and are always open to your suggestions, scoops and stories. Please send your photos of family celebrations, nature in…

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