Recipe of the Month

Dabbert’s Tropical Champagne Punch

Recipe Pat Dabbert

A Valentine’s Day Party Pat & David Dabbert, LBK Isles Life Business Partners, serve this festive punch on First Friday Art Walks at their Palm Avenue Gallery. It is a fine way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or other Holidays. Ingredients: 1 12 oz. frozen orange juice 1 12 oz. frozen lemonade juice 1 12 oz.…

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Bean and Pasta Soup for Regattas

Recipe Of The Month - Bean and Pasta Soup

Feeding a Hungry Crowd/A Recipe for 100-120 People The Lagoon of Venice is the most important survivor of a system of estuarine lagoons that in Roman times extended from Ravenna north to Trieste. In the sixth century, the Lagoon gave security to Romanized people fleeing invaders (mostly the Huns). Later, it provided naturally protected conditions…

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Bay Isles resident, Rochelle Stassa Shares a Cherished Family Recipe

A Holiday Treat – Aunt Ruthy’s Apple Strudel On Sundays, Grandma’s brothers – along with wives and children – would visit my great-grandparents, Buba and Zayda, who lived in our courtyard in another building. Because her parents were elderly, Grandma lovingly took upon herself the responsibility of the visit. Of course, my family was invited…

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Meat Balls Tirapelli | Grandma’s Very Best

Recipe Of Month NOV Meatballs Tirapelli

This meatball recipe, given to me by my Aunt Laura Richards (my father’s sister) and she was given the recipe from her mother (my father’s mother). My grandmother was born in Venice, Italy. My grandmother always had spaghetti sauce on the stove ready to be used throughout the day and would make meatballs when you…

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Pie Baking Contest Winner Lynn Wellings

Recipe Of The Month Grandma Netta

Grandma’s Apple Cinnamon Pie By  Lynn Wellings Netta Gurina Jacobson-Ness was born to Norwegian immigrant parents in 1898 in Hayfield, Minnesota. She was the ninth of 12 children, her mother, Karin, and father, Lars, had their first baby just off the boat (think Ellis Island) when Karin was 17 and their last when she was…

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Pie Contest Winner

Julie Klick Winner Blackberry Pie

Black Berry Cobbler by Julie Klick Julie Klick drew on her southern heritage to bake a delicious, prize-winning Blackberry Cobbler. She perfected the recipe and ran a few test runs to get it just right. She recommends adding more blackberries than the recipe specifies and her special note about the cobbler and the pastry dough…

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Larry Linhart Recipe of the Month

Larry Linhart Recipe

Jade Pesto-Steamed Sea Bass With Filipino Sizzling Soy Vinaigrette Recipe from Gordon Hopkins, Director of Chefs for Roy’s Restaurants Larry and Sherry Linhart enjoy fine food and wine and are graciously sharing a glimpse of their entertaining style with this delicious recipe and full menu with wine pairings. They have created dinners for local charitable…

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