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February 2019 Cover Susan And David Gorin

Susan & David Gorin

by Susan Gorin Love at First Candy Bar He had the keys to the summer camp canteen and invited me to take any snacks I wanted for the drive home, just before asking for my phone number almost 43 years ago. It was close to a love-at-first candy bar in the summer of ‘76. David…

business of the month

Bruce Myer Realtor®

Bruce Meyer

Sarasota area real estate specialist Bruce Myer, with Coldwell Banker, has been in the business at a time of profound change and growth. For nearly forty years, he has negotiated many successful transactions for his very satisfied customers that have resulted in over One Billion in sales! This milestone is not easily attained and although…

letter to the editor

LBK Isles Life – COMPEER Event

The Gift of Giving through the generosity of the LBK Isles Life Community and Event Program Thank you, Bay Isles resident, Bunny Skirboll for your kind note: Hi Sara, I couldn’t go to bed without thanking you again for providing a wonderful, fun and successful event to benefit COMPEER. Our COMPEER Board Members and friends…

2018 4th Of July Klicks

Paul Klick and Easterseals

By Sara Sinaiko | September 1, 2018

All photos in this article ©  Mary Lou Johnson On Wall Street, an investment is sometimes considered a “special situation.” That term applies to this story about the family of Julie Klick, the sponsor of our Volunteer of the Month column. Paul Klick’s first job after earning his MBA through a night program at Rutgers…

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JULY 25 LBK Isles Life/Save our Seabirds Beach Bar-B-Q at the Bay Isles Beach Club

By Sara Sinaiko | September 1, 2018

On July 25 over 85 neighbors, guests, and LBK Isles Life Business Sponsors turned out to support Save Our Seabirds and to enjoy an evening of delicious food from Nancy’s Bar-B-Q, music by Ted Stevens and the Doo Shots, a Live Auction with Auctioneer Andrew Ford, win exciting Raffle Prizes, and taste the scrumptious pies…

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Allan Price Violinist by Mary Lou Johnson

iPhone Tips | Try Portraiture with your Iphone Part 1

By Mary Lou Johnson | August 16, 2018

Harsh sunlight for masculine effect. Rule of thirds, musical interest, street photography. Foliage background, eyes at top third of image, Clothing solids or textured, Shady area, no harsh shadow contrasts. Many of the tips we have discussed in my previous columns can be applied to taking portraits. Choose a family member or friend or even…

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Islamic Art

Travel Adventure with Bob Gary

By Robert Gary | August 16, 2018

Time Travel Time travel has continued to elude the human race. However, I would argue that travel can provide the effect if not the reality of stopping time. A two-week trip can feel like you have been gone for two months because you have interrupted the daily pattern of your life. My ”scientific” premise is…

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pond lilies

Happy August Bay Isles!

By Sara Sinaiko | August 1, 2018

Summer Scene This year is flying by and with seven months of issues, I am grateful to all of you for sharing LBK Isles Life and helping it grow. Each month, we bring stories about you and are always open to your suggestions, scoops and stories. Please send your photos of family celebrations, nature in…

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Dude And Brandy

Dude & Brandy – An African Gray Parrot “Rules The Roost” At The Weber Home

By Ann B Anderson | August 1, 2018

This Dude knows way more than “Polly wants a cracker.” She is one talented 21-year-old African Grey Parrot who belongs to Linda and Emmett Weber on Bayou Sound. She is an important family member who has been with them since one year of age. She has her very own spacious aviary filled with toys and…

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Aug 2018 Volunteer Of The Month Kathleen Pendleton

Kathy Pendleton

By Sara Sinaiko | August 1, 2018

Kathy Pendleton chose The Pines for her volunteering and they are grateful. According to Ivy Ruarck, Volunteer Coordinator, Kathy is known “for her sweet smile, her soft look of serenity and a little twinkle in her eye.” She is also known for her physical strength (due to being a self-declared “gym rat”) and ability to…

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Larry Linhart Recipe

Larry Linhart Recipe of the Month

By Sara Sinaiko | August 1, 2018

Jade Pesto-Steamed Sea Bass With Filipino Sizzling Soy Vinaigrette Recipe from Gordon Hopkins, Director of Chefs for Roy’s Restaurants Larry and Sherry Linhart enjoy fine food and wine and are graciously sharing a glimpse of their entertaining style with this delicious recipe and full menu with wine pairings. They have created dinners for local charitable…

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Aug 2018 LBK Isles Life Mangrove Legs

MANGROVES: Mother Nature’s Windshield

By Susan C. Levine | August 1, 2018

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” — Buckminster Fuller If you live near or walk along the Sarasota Bay Side of the Bay Isles Association property, you can’t miss the glorious Mangroves flourishing in the brackish waters (where both fresh and salt water meet) along the…

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August 2018 Home Of The Month McGrath Front Door

Sunny & Rich McGrath’s Happy Home

By Sara Sinaiko | August 1, 2018

Sunny, Rich and their beloved Poodle-Papillon Mix, Sassy, found their “perfect home” in Queens Harbor when they chose Fair Oaks Lane. It reminds Sunny of the layout of their former home in Louisville and features high ceilings, hardwood floors and offers a gracious lifestyle. What color did she choose for the interior paint? Hint: her…

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Sandusky OH Reunion July 4

July 4 Parade Summer Photos

By Sara Sinaiko | July 4, 2018

Bay Isles/LBK “Shortest Parade In USA” and Gary Home in Sandusky, Ohio To celebrate their 40th Anniversary, Susan & David Gorin, Jayne & Stan Rodbell, Bob & Karen Gary of Winding Oaks, Jim Gary, Chicago, and Joan Binkow, Ann Arbor, gathered at Chez Francois on July 3. The restaurant is known for fine dining, fresh,…

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