Ann B AndersonAnn B Anderson

I am the luckiest journalist you can imagine. My assignments include interviewing endearing Bay Isles pets and at the same time getting to know their interesting and fun human family members.

I have been entranced by animals and birds ever since I was a little girl. I remember going to help choose our first family dog, a Cocker spaniel named Cinder. I used to dress her up in doll clothes and push her around in a buggy. She was very tolerant.

I grew up in Minnesota where I met my husband, Steve, at the University of Minnesota. We were married shortly after graduation. He started out selling pharmaceuticals but eventually started his own biomedical company. It went on the NY stock exchange as CRY. I give you this short summary because it helps to explain why we moved around a lot.....from Minnesota, to Wisconsin, back to Minnesota, Florida, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, GA., until finally making it back to Longboat Key. ( paradise )

My beloved dogs and birds have always been great emotional support and a steady presence through our many moves. We got interested in showing Boxer dogs, seriously so, once our two children were a little older. As a result of this hobby we have met many other dog lovers along the way. We continue today, currently showing a beautiful male called CH. Rummer Run's Commander in Chief. We hope to take him to Westminster in February.

During the time we were in St. Pete we screened off a large portion of our lanai. I added plants, a small tree, some little wicker nests, and about a dozen beautiful canaries They laid eggs, raised their babies, and sang from morning to night. It was really relaxing to watch and listen to them while sitting out there. An engrossing interest during the past 10 years has been co-founding and serving on the Board of Save Our Seabirds.

The main things I like to do are read, write, think, and be with friends. I am passionate about protecting species and their habitats, finding ways to counter global warming, and most of all, encouraging respect and kindness towards all other living things with whom we share this earth.


My name “Blythe”, means happy spirit. I am 14 years old.

I am growing up on Longboat Key, in Bay Isles. I am very excited for my birthday on October 12, (that is when I turn 14) because I might be going to Disney! Anyways, some of my hobbies are video games and tennis. I like animals and enjoy seeing birds and wild life around Bay Isles. One time, my mom, dad, and I rescued a swan that had been hit by a car near the Bay Isles Gate. We took it to Save Our Seabirds and named it "Diva". With good care, she survived.

I attend a Charter School in Sarasota that has a serious selection process. I like my Language Arts Class , where we learn grammar and writing skills. I also enjoy technology and dancing.

I am happy that I live on Longboat Key with my mom because its nice to live on a canal, and near the ocean.

Guest AuthorGuest Author

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Howard L. Levine, MDHoward L. Levine, MD

Combining his life-long passion for photography with his renown career as an internationally acclaimed nasal-sinus surgeon, Howard Levine always brings his appreciation of detail to his work.

Opportunities for world travel have taken Howard to 6 of the 7 world continents, where Howard’s knack for seeing things in a unique and unusual manner, allows Howard to capture the essence of his subject. Whether a floral close-up or a nasal dislocation, Howard’s keen attention to the subtlest characteristics and attributes of his subject result in award winning photos and happily-breathing patients!

Lisa GiustiLisa Giusti

Although we live most of the year in Pittsburgh, we love spending the winter in LBK.

I’m an engineer by training but have spent the last 30 years as a homemaker, mother; community volunteer and nonprofit board member, including Sarasota’s Save our Seabirds. Writing for Bay Isles magazine has been a wonderful way to meet new people and learn so much about this beautiful area.

Longboat LeeLongboat Lee

Longboat Lee is a Midwestern Businessman that has been afforded the opportunity, along with his wife, to live part time in the Midwest, but also part time in one of the most beautiful, relaxing and pleasant places on earth - Longboat Key! Approximately 10 years ago we purchased a second home in Bay Isles. It is a place where I dream about spending more time as I get older. Over the last 10 years we have learned to love and enjoy the local destinations, scenery and people in the nearby surrounding area. We love to relax and relive the many Longboat Key memories over a good cocktail, a great glass of wine and / or a cold beer. Thanks to all who have made this place our "Little Piece of Paradise".

Mary Lou JohnsonMary Lou Johnson

Living most of her life on islands, Mary Lou is passionately drawn to watery scenes and their infinite array of color, mood, and composition in her artistic photographic creations. After retiring from her private practice as a marriage and family therapist and divorce mediator, she plunged into her love of photography and digital painting capturing God’s beauty with a watery emphasis. Coastal environments throughout the U.S., South America, the Caribbean and Europe are favorites.

See full biography under Photographers

Robert GaryRobert Gary

Robert D Gary has a JD from Case Western Reserve Law School and an LLM in Criminal Justice from the NYU School of Law.

He was formerly a trial attorney in the US Department of Justice ,Deputy Chief and Acting Chief of the Cleveland Strike Force , Special Assistant United States Attorney Director of the Ohio Organized Crime Prevention Council and a Special Assistant to the Governor of Ohio. He has received commendations from the US Attorney General and J Edgar Hoover former Director of the FBI.

He was managing partner of Gary, Naegle and Theado LLC a plaintiff’s class action law firm. He was the originator of the Chinese Drywall class action litigation.

In 1995 he was appointed by the federal court to represent Muslim prisoners in federal prison. His expert turned out to be a terrorist and the unindicted co conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. On 9/11 both of his daughters saw the World Trade Center Building Collapse and one was a first responder and Chief of Communications for the Red Cross.

Because of these personal experiences subsequent to 9/11 he began studying Islam and traveling in Muslim countries including Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Indonesia, Oman, Jordan and beyond. He is a World Affairs lecturer on Crystal Cruise Lines and a frequent speaker and lecturer at the Longboat Education Center. He has also lectured at the Ringling College of Lifetime Learning and at Einstein’s Circle.

He is currently writing a book on the Quran with a noted Islamic Scholar and Imam. Azhar Subedar.

Most recently he has been lecturing on the Special Counsel Investigation utilizing his experience directing major federal investigations and grand juries.

Sara SinaikoSara Sinaiko

Sara Sinaiko is thrilled to be the Publisher of LBK Isles Life, believing that it represents a panoply of her life experience and skills.

Sara has an entrepreneurial edge and calls upon her early career on Wall Street where she advised C-Suite Executives on Investment Banking options in the Public and Private Markets, her exposure to Philanthropic Organizations as a CEO and Executive Director, and her experience in Marketing Consulting. She also has lived and worked in Paris, France and Venice, Italy to pursue her love of fine art and culture.

Ownership of the N2 Publishing Franchise for Bay Isles on Longboat Key, gives Sara the opportunity to turn the neighborhood into a community. Meeting the residents of Bay Isles and bringing them together to share stories and events makes it an exciting and varied professional challenge.

For businesses that want to develop meaningful relationships with the residents of Bay Isles, there is no better way to reach them than through a Marketing Partnership with LBK Isles Life. It is a three pronged approach: Feature Stories, Events, and monthly Print Ads.

Reach a most desirable Target Market in Sarasota/Manatee Counties - BAY ISLES on LONGBOAT KEY

LBK isles life, is a monthly, lifestyle magazine

Our Readers are well educated, discerning, maintain high levels of discretionary income, and have buying power. They are active, socially responsible, involved in local philanthropy as volunteers, and some serve on the Board of Directors of the most important nonprofits in the region, such as Save Our Seabirds, Mote Marine, The Sarasota Community Foundation, The Pines Senior Living & Rehab Center, The Selby Library Foundation, and they fully support our thriving Art & Culture Scene.

They are C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, Renowned Academics, and Re-invented Retirees. Many own more than one residence, travel frequently, enjoy extended family and love their pets. They play golf, tennis, are boaters and walkers, enjoying the “good life” in Bay Isles.

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Susan C. LevineSusan C. Levine

It’s been a winding journey for Susan C. Levine, taking her from the Ohio’s North Coast to Sarasota’s West coast, where, over the decades, sharing knowledge has been Susan’s underlying life’s work. From classroom teacher to healthcare marketing innovator, from community activist to University of Florida Sarasota Extension’s Master Gardener, Susan loves to share knowledge especially a better understanding and appreciation for the environment and how people co-exist to impact our environment. Believing each person can develop their personal strengths to bring good ideas to their community, Susan is following her own the example!


Mary Lou Johnson

Mary Lou Johnson

Living most of her life on islands, Mary Lou is passionately drawn to watery scenes and their infinite array of color, mood, and composition in her artistic photographic creations.  After retiring from her private practice as a marriage and family therapist and divorce mediator, she plunged into her love of photography and digital painting capturing God’s beauty with a watery emphasis.  Coastal environments throughout the U.S., South America, the Caribbean and Europe are favorites.

Mary Lou’s art is displayed in many private collections but here are some local public ones to view:

  • Sarasota Memorial  Rehab Hospital 47 large canvases and framed prints
  • LBK Club Inn on the Beach- S end of LBK-  lobby very large canvases
  • Amore Restaurant Sarasota-  4 Italian canvases
  • The Toasted Mango Cafe on 41 – 13 tropical subjects on canvas
  • The  Toasted Mango Cafe on Siesta Key -15 canvases
  • Drs. Hospital lobby and hallways-  beach images canvas
  • Longbeach Cafe- north end of LBK  10 canvases
  • “Hey! Wait for Me!”   from cover of Sarasota Magazine plus 10 others

Mary Lou’s coffee table book, The Lure of Longboat Key, sold out in 8 months and is in its second printing.  It was featured in NYC at the International BookExpoUSA receiving national and international awards.

Visit her studio by appointment on Longboat Key, Florida to see large and small canvases.  Local and international scenes and subjects can be viewed on her website,

Art honors and awards include juried local, state, national and international competitions. Most recently, her fine art exhibition was in NYC at the International ArtExpoNY.  Mary Lou was a Finalist in NY Times Square International Competition and a Finalist in Photographer of the Year for Popular Photography Magazine. Her images have been featured in The PPA Showcase, the book of Professional Photographers of America, Shutterbug Photography Magazine, Southern Boating, Sarasota Herald, Siesta Observer, Longboat Key Observer, Longboat Key News, among other magazines and newspapers.

She volunteers her photography for many community non-profits.  Always willing and wanting to try new activities, her main ones include playing tennis, reading, attending community events, and getting together with friends and family.

Luis & Astrid Cruz

Astrid And Luis Cruz Photographers

We are a husband and wife team who were brought together by photography ans share the same passion for this art. Parents of five beautiful children who we adore, we are able to handle pressure and different personalities without losing focus on our goal. We value every opportunity that we get to create the most beautiful images for our clients.

After getting to know us, you will see how meaningful photography is to both of us. You will learn the joy that we obtain by capturing those one in a lifetime moments for each client. Clients that many times become almost like family, as we get to see their kids growing up in front of our cameras.

With years of experience, we continuously strive for excellence and we push the limits to obtain unique images that delight our clients. The strong foundation to our studio is also our strong backgrounds in management, customer service and a great passion for Art. Making us creative, modern and stylish photographers who make your experience with The Signature Look outstanding!